Ship Reforms

Repair Works

ALYAQEN GROUPS Marine Services is associated with High tech. class society approved workshops capable of handling a wide range of maintenance and overhaul

  • Main and auxiliary engines.
  • Turbochargers.
  • Pumps and compressors.
  • Electrical motors (rewinding within 24 hours).

Ship Yards & Docking Facilities

The floating dock has a lifting capacity of 25.000 tons which is really rare in this part of the world. Heavy sections can also be handled without any problems by the gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 500 tons, with a lift period of fewer than 2 hours with a full load of 25.000 tons; operations can be initiated with limited loss of up-time.

All craftsmen are from within our factories and have years of experience in ship maintenance and building and have certificates from most industry organizations around the world